Nectre – MEGA (Radiant/Convection)

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The Nectre Mega will be a welcome addition into your home. It will give large living spaces plenty of warmth and ambience. It has been designed for maximum impact, offering your home an impressive and highly functional feature where you can gather with friends and family on those chilly winter days.


  • Enormous heating capacity of up to 340m2
  • Choice of freestanding legs or pedestal
  • Optional 3 speed fan
  •  Heats up to 340m2
  • Made and designed in South Australia
  • Radiant and convection heat
  • A huge firebox can take 500mm logs
  • The legs model can provide heat to tiled or concrete flooring





The Nectre Mega is the most appropriately named heater on the market. Designed and made in South Australia, the Mega is one of the biggest wood heaters on the market.

Designed for very large spaces, the Mega has a large firebox that can take a large amount of wood.

The heavy-duty Australian steel construction, cast iron door, and thick firebrick lining provide a great deal of thermal mass. This allows for better coverage in rooms with high ceilings or poor insulation.

The cool touch spring handle makes loading wood safer and easier. The large firebox fits a larger log.


The legs model helps provide more heat to tiled or concrete floors which helps make the heater more effective.


The pedestal model helps provide more height for easier loading, and a more modern look to the heater.


Coverage: Up to 340m2
Heat Output: 20kW without fan/ 25kW with fan
Efficiency: Up to 65%
Emissions: Up to 1.5g
Dimensions: 760w x 632d x 798h
Maximum: log width 500mm
Weight: 180kg
Finish: Black metallic paint
Heating style: Convection

Additional Features

Nectre MEGA is finished in black metallic paint and comes with cast iron door with ceramic glass and a stay cool spring handle. Steel baffle with steel brick retainer and firebrick lining to improve thermal mass.

  • A 900mm x 900mm hearth is required.
  • Door aperture is 265mm x 505mm.
  • Total weight of the Nectre MEGA is 180kg.
  • 10 year firebox warranty on Nectre MEGA.

Heater Clearances
Installation clearance distances for the Nectre Mega are as follows:

  •    200mm from rear of heater to wall in a standard installation (square to walls).
  •    875mm from side of heater to wall in a standard installation (square to walls).
  •    450mm from rear corner of heater to wall in corner installation.


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