Electric Fireplaces

Electric fires make heat and flame accessible to everyone, all year round, not what type of dwelling you live in. Whether you live in an apartment or are looking to provide your guests with the ultimate in hotel luxury, we have a solution for you.

Stunning designs and smart technology combine effortlessly to create a seamless environment of warmth and relaxation.

Not only are electric Fireplaces great for the home they are also great for any business as they bring a touch of elegancy, warm and a sense of comfort making your customers more relaxed and at ease.

Why An Electric Fireplace Can Add Value To Your Home And Lifestyle

Are you after the feeling and warmth of a fireplace, without having to worry about sourcing wood and maintaining it? An electric fireplace is the perfect solution that provides the an incredible warm atmosphere in your home and the impression of an actual beautiful fire burning in the background, requiring minimal maintenance and operational tasks.

Just a few reasons why you should for an electric fireplace:
    • You can use your electric fireplace at any time of the year when you want to create extra warmth within your home. It’s literally a switch away and you don’t have to prepare or purchase any additional materials to use it.
    • It’s very cost effective. The energy that goes into the fireplace is directly converted into heat. A traditional wood burning fireplace requires you to spend money on wood to burn and a gas fireplace requires an existing gas line. It’s truly a once-off investment and all you’ll need to keep it running is electricity.
    • Unlike a traditional fireplace (which will require a flue and chimney), an electric fireplace is easy to install. You won’t have to alter your home’s structure to install it.
    • The absence of a real flame means that no smoke or harmful gases are released. This means that you can use it for hours without harm and that you won’t have to worry if your children and pets are close to it. You also won’t be emitting any harmful gases into the environment.

Perfect For:

Home owners/renovators/apartment living wanting the ambience and atmosphere fire creates where either a real fireplace isn’t desired or possible due to installation complexities.

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