Gas Services & Installation

OBriens have been providing Gas Plumbing Services to homes and businesses throughout North East Victoria for over 30+ years!

Here at OBriens will make sure that every gas installation job complies with local gas installation regulation codes. As licensed gas fitters and gas plumbers upon completion our jobs come with a full gas fitting guarantee for your peace of mind along with a Certificate of Compliance where applicable.

For safety reasons, gas fitting jobs must be carried out by a fully licensed gas plumber.

Gas Appliance Service

Whether you need gas appliances installed, repaired, or general maintenance and safety checks our experienced, qualified and highly trained Gas Fitters will check ventilation, gas pressure, soundness of gas connections and any gaps or breaks in all ready fitted appliances that may result in issues such as a gas leak later on.

It is suggested that you get all your gas appliances checked for safety reasons every 2 years.

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Need a plumber, refrigeration specialist, gas fitter or electrician just give us a call we will see how we can help.


Thinking About Doing It Yourself or Getting a Handyman In?

If you decide to do it yourself (how hard can it be you might be thinking), or getting a 'handyman', if you one yourself then please think again. By using an unlicensed gas fitter or doing it yourself to install your gas appliances, then you will not be able to issued you with a certificate of compliance.

Not having one of these could void your appliance warranty and pose a health and safety risk to your home, office, employees or loved ones, not to mention it is simply not safe to use the professionals.

How to tell if you have a gas leak?

Suspect a gas leak but not sure, below are a list of signs you can look out for that might indicate a gas leak. 
  • You can smell or sniff  a rotten egg or sulphur smell near your gas appliances

  • You can hear a hissing sound, indicating that maybe gas is leaking

  • Unexplainable, higher than usual gas bills

  • Dead or dying plants (not as a result of lack of care)

  • A white mist in the air

  • Gas appliances with red or yellow flames and not blue

  • Feeling unwell, nausea, headaches, difficulty or irregular breathing, fatigue, chest pain, flu like symptoms, dizziness or light-headed, and drowsiness can all be signs of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning.


A great way to test your theory that you have a gas leak is to spray of rub (really) soapy water (using diswashing detergent is best) over the area where you think a leak may be coming from. If bubbles are formmed then this is a very clear indication of a gas leak. 


If you detect a gas leak:

  • Turn off the gas supply to your home (if you can – if you don’t know how call us!)
  • Don’t use electrical appliances or anything electrical if you can avoid it
  • If the gas leak is in your home or business, open up all your windows in the vicinity of the leak, ONLY if safe to do so
  • Call us the professionals Immediately so we can come and stop the leak and make your home or business safe again.