Being experts in Heating. We know what the pressures of being HOT is!

We have been keeping locals warm for over 30 years.

There is nothing worse than waking up to a cold house, or walking into a cold office or workspace. Don't suffer anymore, here at O'Briens we can help you put an end to feeling cold indoors (and out). We are the heating experts!
No matter whether you are after a classic wood burning fireplace, a gas log fireplace or a multiroom split reverse cycle split or ducted system we have got you covered.

Already have a heating system, heater or fireplace already and looking to upgrade we can help you there too. We can convert your current open fireplace into a modern enclosed wood fireplace or turn it into a gas log fireplace, our heating options are endless. No more cold winter nights or mornings anymore. Let's together leave winter and the cold where it belongs... outside!


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