Ducted Gas Heating

Ducted Gas Heating systems are widely used in Victoria, mainly due to its Freezing Winters. In addition, they have the lowest upfront and running cost for whole-home heating. Coupled with Zoning (which allows you to choose which rooms to heat at any one time), this system can help keep your bills under control. Most high-end ducted gas heaters are compatible with Add-On Cooling, giving you an all-in-one heating and cooling solution. Depending on your property, these units can either heat from the floor or ceiling.

Ducted gas heating is a highly recommended way of warming your entire home using one unit. It is a ducted heating system that consists of a heater and a range of ducts connected to each room either in the roof or under the floor. The natural gas used is an energy efficient way of maintaining a comfortable temperature during those cooler months.

Why Choose Ducted Gas Heating?

Ducted gas heating boasts a range of remarkable features that ensures it is a premium option for heating solutions in your home. It is cost effective, efficient, unobtrusive, quiet, and comes with the possibility of zoning for additional control.

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How Does Ducted Gas Heating Work?

Ducted Gas Heating is comprised of either, an indoor or outdoor unit with ducting interconnected throughout the house. It works by gathering the cold air from inside your home via the return air grille, then warming it inside the heat exchange to deliver warm clean air through either floor or ceiling outlets.

The ducted gas heating system process begins by drawing air from inside the house through a small return air grille. This cold air is passed over the heat exchanger and warmed through the gas combustion. With the fan motor running, it pushes the heated air through to each room using the series of ducts connected to the unit.

These ducts are connected to vents (also known as grilles or registers) which are strategically positioned around the home either in the ceiling or on the floor. The location and number of vent outlets is determined by size of the house, the amount of insulation in the home and the best way the heat can be distributed evenly.

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