Braemar Ecostar Non-Condensing 5 Star

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5.2 star

Short on space?  Braemar’s non-condensing heater is 30% smaller than other five star heaters

  • Small cabinet for easier installation
  • No drain required
  • MagIQtouch® controller
  • Zoned-heating capable
  • Braemar add-on cooling system available for model numbers TQM5X20, TQM5X20U and TQM5X30U


Ducted gas heating provides you with a cosy warmth and consists of a heating unit connected to a number of outlets by a system of ducts.

The position of the heating unit depends on your house and may be placed outside, under the floor or in the roof cavity. The outlets and ducts are then strategically placed throughout your home, either in the floor or ceiling.


Natural ducted gas heating, the ultimate in safety, reliability and energy efficiency.

  • Cheaper to run and reaches desired temperatures much faster when compared to reverse cycle heating.
  • Flexible zoning options provide complete control over your individual comfort needs by heating only parts of the house in use which can save you up to an extra 60% on running costs*.
  • Flexible installation for all types of homes and roof spaces.
  • Ducted gas heating won’t dry your skin and eyes. It’s a different kind of cosy warmth.
  • Better for the environment with low CO² emissions.


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