Hot Water System Service

Everybody hates when the hot water runs out, or worse never turns on especially when you are in the shower. Here are OBriens we service, sell, replace, repair and install a vast range of hot water systems.

The types of hot water systems we service include:
  • Electric Storage Hot Water Systems
  • Gas Instantaneous Hot Water Systems
  • Solar Hot Water
  • Gas Hot Water Systems
  • Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems (sometimes referred to as Instant or instantaneous!)
  • Hot Water Problems?

    Typical signs of Hot Water System problems:

  • Unexplainable and odd noises
  • Water leak - generally located at the bottom of the hot water service
  • No or reduced water pressure
  • Hot water runs out quickly - not enough hot water
  • Varying water temperature issues
  • Smelly or discolored water
  • Older and maybe at the end of it's life
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    Benefits of a Hot Water Service

    No matter the type of hot water system you have, OBriens can see to all of its needs. But why do I need my hot water serviced, you may be wondering and how often does it need servicing? Getting a regular hot water system service will help to prolong your systems life. You will encounter plumbing problems with your system at some point during your systems life. There are some clear signs you need to look out for:

    Some of the most common hot water problems include:
    • Discoloured or rusty looking water
    • Running out of hot water quickly
    • Strange noises from the tank (banging, whistling)
    • Leaking or pooling water around the tank
    • No hot water at all
    • The pilot light regularly goes out (on gas hot water systems only)
    OBriens work with everything from continuous flow, to electric storage tanks, to solar hot water systems and even heat pumps. Our fully licensed and qualified expert team has knowledge of all hot water systems and we will advise you on a long term solution with maximum benefit.


    Book a professional inspection or hot water system maintenance or service, today before the hot water runs out.