Blaze – B820 Insert

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Blaze Inbuilt range is designed to be installed into either a full masonry cavity or with optional zero clearance Kit. Easy to use features and simple design fits well in any living space. 3 Speed Remote Control fan comes standard.



Blaze B820 Clearance

The dimensions given in the installation diagram are the minimum required for the floor protector. It may be desirable, eg for aesthetic reasons for the floor protector to be larger than these minimum dimensions. If the appliance is installed above 250mm from the floor line then the floor protector shall be constructed of 7.5mm minimum thick fibre cement sheet and 300mm from the door opening.  If the appliance is installed below 250mm from the floor line then the floor protector shall be constructed of either (A) 15mm min thickness fibre cement and 500mm from the door opening or (B) 115mm Brick and 300mm from door opening.

It may not be laid directly on a combustible floor.
For more details and variations on floor protectors refer to AS/NZS 2918:2001 Clause 2.2, 3.3.1 and 3.3.2

Blaze B820 Mantelpiece Clearance

If installing the appliance with a mantelpiece, then it should be noted a distance of 1200mm from floor line to the mantelpiece is required. The appliance may be installed 450mm from the mantelpiece when a Blaze Mantel Shield is purchased and used.



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