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EXTRAONDINAIRE Evaporative Cooling by Breezair

Exclusively available at Climate Masters of Seeley International
dealers (That’s Us!).


The new Breezair Extraordinaire has redefined the future for whole-of-home cooling. This extraordinary evaporative air conditioner has been architecturally designed. With a single-piece outer cover which seamlessly blends the corners and grille into one state-of-the-art roof top cooler cabinet.The louvres follow the angle of the roofline, allowing the air conditioner to blend in perfectly to the roof angle. This enables the cabinet to sit well below the ridgeline.


  • State-of-the-art one-piece cover seamlessly blending into the roof.
  • Unparalleled distribution system ensures even water coverage.
  • Discreet drain outlet.
  • Make a statement by standing out or blending in. Available in multiple colours. *Colours may vary. Heritage Green made to order.
  • To ensure everyone can enjoy the benefits of Breezair Extraordinaire™, three different models are available: XTR3000, XTR4000, XTR5000




    • Hugging every roof angle from 10 to 40 degrees and increasing invisibility from the street.
    • A global transformation. The ultimate in cooling capacity and airflow.
    • Highest energy-efficiency on the market.
    • Revolutionary water distribution system for maximised cooling output.
    • Unparalleled distribution system ensures even water coverage
    • Better for the environment. REDUCED GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS Up to 80% less CO2 emissions than ducted reverse cycle*
    • Comprehensive range covering all residential cooling requirements.
    • Wall mounted MagIQtouch® controller makes operating your Breezair, a breeze.
    • Comprehensive Warranty


Airflow @ 80Pa (litres/sec) 2,900
Cooling capacity (kW) 17.4W
Cooling pad area (m2) 2.1
Power Supply 1 Phase, 220-240, 50Hz


For complete peace of mind, Seeley International backs every one of its air conditioning systems with an industry leading comprehensive warranty program.
This includes a 7 year warranty (with a compulsory chargeable service in the fourth year)^, 10 year cover on all structural components, plus a hefty 25 year cover against corrosion, on it Permatuf® cabinets.









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