2024 Mitsubishi Electric Winter BONUS Gift Card Promotion

Purchase an eligible split or ducted air conditioning unit and receive a BONUS Gift Card valued up to $400*.

Eligible Systems


Whether you want to feel refreshingly cool or warm and cosy, our MSZ-AP series is a great cooling and heating solution for single rooms and compact homes.


Crafted with precision, the MSZ-LN split system air conditioner offers a harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology, sophisticated design and personalised climate control for your home.


Combining contemporary clean lines with sophistication and efficiency, the MSZ-EF split air conditioners provide optimal indoor comfort and better indoor air quality while expressing a unique interior design style in your home.


Expertly designed for modern living, the MSY-GW Series offers whisper-soft, efficient operation that's perfect for both larger and smaller spaces. Cooling ONLY.


The Mitsubishi MFZ-KW Floor Console Split System provides a combination of comfort, easy control, and easy installation.


From 10kW up to 14kW the PEA-M GAA Series from Mitsubishi Electric are ideal for whole home residential or commercial ducted air conditioning applications.

How to Redeem Your Gift Card

Step 1

Purchase an eligible air conditioner during offer period, from a promotional partner (that's us!)

Step 2

Pay for in full with a $0 balance invoice - record Indoor and Outdoor Unit serial numbers.

Step 3

Scan or photograph receipt and Outdoor Unit product serial plate

Step 4

Go to www.mitsubishielectric.com.au/ promotions and complete claim. It’s recommended to take a photo of the confirmation screen with claim number.

Step 5

Validation Process*...

Step 6

Wait for email with validation or further next steps

Promotion Details Overview

Promotion Period
  • Promotional Period Starts: 1 April 2024
  • Promotional Period Ends: 31 July 2024
  • Claims MUST be Submitted by: 31 August 2024
Claiming your gift card


  1. Copy of receipt with paid in full or $0 balance owing must be shown (if financed, approval number must
    be included).
  2. Indoor and Outdoor unit serial number must be added to all applications.
  3. Claim name and receipt name must be an exact match.
  4. Upload receipts as JPEG, jpg, png or .pdf formats only.
  5. Send a clear copy of full receipts.
  6. Full name, including First Name and Surname (initials are not accepted).
  7. Upload photo of Outdoor Unit product
    serial plate.


  1. Claim with a company name.
  2. Claim more than 6 units per household.
  3. Try to claim after the redemption period
    (31 August 2024).
Click link for full terms and conditions:

www.mitsubishielectric.com.au/ promotions