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The Reclaim Energy CO2 Heat Pump Hot Water System caters for all Australian conditions with Stainless Steel and Glass Lined Enamel storage tanks available.

A CO2 Heat Pump Hot Water System from Reclaim Energy is the perfect hot water solution. Its custom design for Australian conditions makes it the right choice for you. Whether for residential properties, or commercial applications such as restaurants, hotels, schools, universities or apartment blocks, Reclaim Energy CO2 Heat Pumps provide a reliable, quality hot water supply that is energy efficient, friendlier on the environment and will ultimately save you money over time.


  • Energy efficient and money saving
  • Glass Lined Enamel and Stainless-Steel tank options
  • Top down Heat PumpCO2 refrigerant ideally suited to excel in cold weather conditions
  • CO2 refrigerant naturally environmentally friendly
  • High coefficient of performance (COP) creating high energy from low energy input
  • Quietest system on the market with an average noise level of 37dB
  • One shot boost function for continuous hot water
  • Designed to use excess PV generation rather than exporting it to the grid
  • Smart Controller allows control over energy costs and consumption
  • STC and VEEC approved



How it works

The efficiency and low running costs of a Reclaim Energy CO2 Heat Pump stems from its low-energy, low-impact operation. It concentrates ambient heat from the surrounding air and pumps that heat into the water in the storage tank. Since this process merely concentrates existing heat, instead of having to generate more, the Reclaim Energy CO2 Heat Pump reduces annual hot water energy requirements by up to 80% when compared to conventional electric systems.

The Reclaim Energy CO2 Heat Pump Hot Water System consists of a heat pump (compressor) and a storage tank (stainless steel or glass lined). The system’s heat exchange collects heat from the air surrounding the unit to use as energy to heat up a pressurised refrigerant, which is ozone friendly CO2. The unit can supply in excess of five units of heat energy from ambient air for every unit of electricity it consumes, meaning the cost of energy used to produce hot water is minimised. The CO2 Heat Pump has excellent cold weather performance characteristics, meaning there is no need for a boosting element to supplement heating for the unit.


  • Average annual energy savings of up to 80% for hot water heating
  • Average daily consumption of 3 kWh electric energy for 315L hot water delivery
  • Top-down heating and fast hot water production: 110 L/hr
  • Up to 6 years warranty on heat pump and 15 years warranty on tank**
  • Save even more with Rebates*
  • Quietest system on the market with an average noise level of 37dB
  • Ozone friendly CO2 refrigerant
  • Built-in frost control operation
  • Built in legionella control operation
  • Smart top down heating mechanism for faster hot water access and recovery
  • Superb cold weather performance

Controllers with industry leading interactive technology putting the power in your hands!

A Smart Controller puts the control in your hands and ensures that the Reclaim Energy CO2 Heat Pump Hot Water System provides a highly efficient, low operating cost hot water solution. The controller allows the customisation of how and when the hot water system works.

Controller Key Features

SMART CONTROL – 6 Operational Modes allow you to take control over your energy costs and consumption

ONE-SHOT BOOST – For worry free hot water

ULTIMATE FLEXIBILITY – Multiple Timer and Temperature Control ensures complete flexibility

SMART TECHNOLOGY – Smart independent controller design and Reclaim User App control

REMOTE CONTROL – Seamless integration with your PV/Home Management System

1300 Support – Managed 7 days a week, 365 days a year

ERROR REPORTING – Instant notification to Reclaim User and our Tech Team of any errors, brings peace of mind





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