Jindara – Sturt (Freestanding)

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The Jindara Sturt Wood Heater is known all around Australia for its functionality and hardworking nature. This tough as nails radiant style unit has an exceptionally deep firebox, allowing you to fit logs that similar sized units would be envious of.

The Jindara Sturt Wood Heater also incorporates a radiant cook top for your pots and pans, as well as a raised shelf for simmering.  Convection heating ensures heat is directed into your room without the need for a fan. The Jindara Sturt truly is a tireless contributor to any Aussie home.

Add versatility to your home heating with these multi-purpose heaters and cookers.


  • Excellent radiant heater
  • Hot plate for boiling/simmering
  • Oven for baking
  • Temperature gauge and easy to use controls
  • Firebrick lined
  • 8mm Steel baffle plate
  • Cooktop and raised shelf for simmering (Sturt)
  • Boil & simmer on top or back shelf
  • Tall pedestal for easy loading
  • Extra deep firebox for larger logs
  • Proudly Australian Made for over 25 years



Jindara Sturt Freestanding wood heater is a multi-use wood heater. It is usable for both heating and cooking. Like all Jindara’s it is a great fireplace. But you can also boil a pot on the front shelf. Or simmer a casserole on the rear shelf. As a result, this heater is even more useful. It is particularly great for areas that may have frequent power outages or off-the-grid living.

However, despite this practicality, this heater is no more difficult to install. This unit has the same low clearances as regular wood heaters and there is even a fan option.



Log Length


**Heating output varies depending upon ceiling height, fuel used, building insulation and atmospheric conditions


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