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Breezair Supercool is the world’s coolest, quietest and most energy-efficient evaporative air conditioning.

From our patented motors and fans to the innovative rooftop unit the Breezair Supercool comes together to ensure that your family will enjoy the benefits of natural and energy efficient cooling all year round.

Breezair Supercool is only available from O’Briens, your local Climate Master Specialist.


Total control is made easy using the touch screen MagIQtouch® controller. Extra thick Chillcel pads, producing up to 13% more cooling when compared to the Icon range.

Save up to 80% on running costs when compared to a ducted reverse cycle air conditioner. That’s a saving of up to $250 per year.*

Comes with external air sensor, that displays current outside temperature and current inside humidity levels.
Intuitively optimizes water and energy usage based on outside ambient conditions. Extends the life of your air conditioner by automatically draining the water tank when temperature nears freezing


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