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Our Trusted Heating Brands

Obrien's Wangaratta Heating Cooling & Plumbing, Suppliers of Visonline Fireplace Systems

Types of Heating Units

Wood Heaters

Electric Heaters

Gas Heaters



Obrien's Wangaratta Heating Cooling & Plumbing, Suppliers of Visonline Fireplace Systems

Quadra-Fire is a leading provider of innovative and energy-efficient hearth products. With a commitment to sustainability and cutting-edge technology, Quadra-Fire offers a wide range of wood, pellet, and gas fireplaces, stoves, and inserts.


Whether you’re looking for traditional charm or modern convenience, Quadra-Fire delivers reliable warmth and style to homes of all kinds.

Visionline Fireplaces brings sophistication and warmth together with its premium line of contemporary fireplaces. Crafted with precision and style, Visionline’s gas and electric fireplaces elevate interior spaces with their sleek designs and customizable features.



Whether it’s a residential renovation or a commercial project, Visionline Fireplaces offers luxury heating solutions that captivate the eye and comfort the soul.

Heat & Glo Fireplaces stands at the forefront of innovation and comfort in the fireplace industry. With a legacy of excellence spanning decades, Heat & Glo combines cutting-edge technology with stunning design to create exceptional heating solutions. 


Their commitment to energy efficiency and craftsmanship ensures that each fireplace not only enhances the aesthetics of your home but also provides reliable warmth and comfort, making Heat & Glo Fireplaces a trusted choice for discerning homeowners and designers alike.

Harman Fireplaces is renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship and unparalleled performance in the fireplace industry. Specializing in wood and pellet stoves, inserts, and fireplaces, Harman combines timeless design with advanced heating technology.


From cozy residential spaces to commercial settings, Harman Fireplaces brings warmth and ambiance to every environment, enhancing comfort and elegance.

Vermont Castings is synonymous with timeless craftsmanship and enduring quality in the fireplace industry. Specializing in wood and gas stoves, inserts, and fireplaces, Vermont Castings combines traditional charm with modern efficiency.


Each product is meticulously crafted to deliver reliable heat, comfort, and ambiance, making Vermont Castings a beloved choice for homes seeking enduring warmth and beauty.

Jetmaster Australia is a trusted name in fireplace innovation, offering a diverse range of high-quality heating solutions. Known for their versatile and customizable designs, Jetmaster fireplaces cater to the unique preferences of homeowners and designers alike.


With a focus on efficiency and aesthetics, Jetmaster’s gas, wood, and electric fireplaces redefine the art of creating inviting living spaces.

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How to Choose the
Best Heating Solution!

1. Where Do You Need Heating?

Do you want to heat the whole house, or do you want to just heat one or two rooms?

There are two main types of heating styles:

  • Central Heating
  • Room (or Space) Heating

Depending on what areas you decide to heat, will depend on what system will best suit you.


Central heating is best if you have large spaces to heat and multiple rooms. Central heating options have come a long way to the point where you can heat using ZONE technology. This allows you to heat common rooms that you are frequently using instead of the whole house (unused rooms eg. guest rooms).



If you have a small home, or you don’t use a lot of rooms at once, like a large family might, then room by room (or space heating as some refer to it) heating may be your best option. 

2. Types of Fuel

There are several types of heating fuels to choose from, all with their pros and cons. 


Heating systems can generate heat with:

  • Electricity
  • Wood
  • Gas (Natural or LPG)

Choosing one depends on what fuel is available to you.

3. Types of Systems

Central Heating System Types
Room by Room Heating System Types

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ducted heating works by using a central heating unit, typically located outside or in a utility area, to generate warm air. This warm air is then distributed throughout the building via a network of ducts that run through walls, ceilings, or floors. The ducts have vents or grilles in each room where the warm air is released, heating the space evenly. A thermostat controls the temperature, allowing users to set their desired comfort level. Ducted heating systems can use various fuel sources such as gas, electricity, or even renewable energy like solar power, providing efficient and customizable heating for homes and buildings.

Gas ducted heating is a central heating system that uses natural gas to produce heat. A gas heating unit burns natural gas in a heat exchanger, generating heat energy. This heat is then distributed through a network of ducts to various rooms in a building, where vents or grilles release the warm air. The system is controlled by a thermostat, allowing users to set and maintain their desired temperature throughout the building.

Ducted reverse cycle heating is a type of central heating system that can also provide cooling. It works by using a single unit to both heat and cool air, offering year-round climate control. The system uses a refrigerant cycle to transfer heat energy, absorbing heat from the outside air to warm the interior during colder months and extracting heat from indoor air to cool the space during warmer months. This versatility makes ducted reverse cycle heating suitable for a wide range of climates and seasons.Gas ducted heating is a central heating system that uses natural gas to produce heat. A gas heating unit burns natural gas in a heat exchanger, generating heat energy. This heat is then distributed through a network of ducts to various rooms in a building, where vents or grilles release the warm air. The system is controlled by a thermostat, allowing users to set and maintain their desired temperature throughout the building.

Ducted heating can be both gas and electric, depending on the type of system installed.


Yes, modern gas heating systems are designed with safety features such as flame failure devices and carbon monoxide sensors to ensure safe operation. It’s important to have your gas heater professionally serviced regularly to maintain safety.

Heating systems vary in energy efficiency. Look for systems with high energy star ratings or inverter technology for improved efficiency. Proper insulation, sealing drafts, and using thermostats and timers can also enhance energy efficiency.

Yes, ducted reverse cycle heating and cooling systems provide both heating and cooling capabilities using the same ductwork and unit. They are versatile and suitable for different climates.

We recommended you have your heating system serviced annually by one of our qualified technicians. Regular servicing helps ensure optimal performance, efficiency, and safety.

The lifespan of a heating system can vary depending on the type, brand, usage, and maintenance. Generally, well-maintained heating systems can last between 10 to 20 years or more.

The size of the heating system depends on factors such as the size of your home, insulation levels, ceiling height, windows, and climate zone. We can conduct an assessment to determine the appropriate size for optimal heating efficiency.

Like anything, all heating systems have their pros and cons. Ducted heating systems provide even heating throughout the home, and eliminates the need for individual heaters in each room, and can be integrated with cooling systems for year-round comfort. It also offers centralized control for convenience.

  1. Electric Heaters:

    • Electric Convection Heaters: Use convection currents to circulate warm air throughout the room. They are available in portable or wall-mounted models.
    • Electric Radiant Heaters: Emit infrared radiation to directly heat objects and people in the room. They are effective for spot heating and can be portable or wall-mounted.
  2. Gas Heaters:

    • Gas Space Heaters: Utilize natural gas or LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) to generate heat. They can be freestanding or wall-mounted and provide efficient heating for individual rooms.
    • Gas Log Heaters: Mimic the appearance of a traditional fireplace and use gas as fuel for heating. They are suitable for adding ambiance and warmth to living spaces.
  3. Wood Heaters:

    • Slow Combustion Wood Heaters: Burn wood fuel slowly and efficiently, providing sustained heat. They are ideal for creating a cozy atmosphere and can be freestanding or built into a fireplace.
    • Radiant Wood Heaters: Directly emit heat through radiation, warming objects and surfaces in the room. They offer efficient and effective heating for smaller areas.
  4. Oil-Filled Radiators:

    • Electric Oil-Filled Radiators: Use electricity to heat oil inside the radiator, which then radiates heat into the room. They are portable, energy-efficient, and provide consistent heating.
  5. Portable Gas Heaters:

    • LPG Gas Heaters: Operate on LPG and are suitable for providing instant heat in outdoor or well-ventilated indoor areas. They are portable and convenient for temporary heating needs.
  6. Wall Panel Heaters:

    • Electric Wall Panel Heaters: Mount directly on walls and use convection or radiant heat to warm the room. They are space-saving and provide silent operation.
  1. Electric Convection Heaters:

    • Pros: Quick heating, energy-efficient, silent operation, portable options available.
  2. Electric Radiant Heaters:

    • Pros: Direct and instant heat, energy-efficient for spot heating, no fan noise, suitable for small areas.
  3. Gas Space Heaters:

    • Pros: Efficient heating, cost-effective fuel (natural gas or LPG), good for larger spaces, quick heat output.
  4. Gas Log Heaters:

    • Pros: Aesthetic appeal, mimic traditional fireplace, efficient heating, suitable for ambiance and warmth.
  5. Slow Combustion Wood Heaters:

    • Pros: Cozy atmosphere, sustainable fuel source (wood), long-lasting heat, ideal for larger living spaces.
  6. Radiant Wood Heaters:

    • Pros: Direct and targeted heat, efficient for smaller areas, ambiance of a wood fire.
  7. Electric Oil-Filled Radiators:

    • Pros: Energy-efficient, even heat distribution, silent operation, portable and easy to use.
  8. Portable Gas Heaters (LPG):

    • Pros: Instant heat, portable, suitable for outdoor use or well-ventilated indoor areas, no electricity needed.
  9. Electric Wall Panel Heaters:

    • Pros: Space-saving, even heat distribution, wall-mounted for safety, energy-efficient.